Contortion Amsterdam

Contortion Amsterdam in Amsterdam is one of the few places in Europe who offers stretching on a professional level. Not only contortionists but also dancers, gymnasts and performers visit me for a professional stretch. Performers from the Cirque du Soleil and other International performers are regular visitors of my studio for maintaining and developing their flexibility.

But also amateurs do their first steps here to a possible professional carrier. Or they just train for fun because flexibility feels so good. I train amateur pole dancers, contortionists, (silk) aerialists and more. Because of my knowledge of stretching techniques and intensive personal support, my clients are always happily surprised by the fast results.

I believe in personal classes because intensive and personal support give the best results. That is why I prefer to train not more than 2 persons at the same time. Another advantage is that clients are able to choose on which day and time they prefer to train.

I got my Knowledge about stretching and flexibility in Russia and the Ukraine. In st. Peterburg I studied under a physician at the institute for Bio Mechanical Stimulation (BMS developed by Dr. Nazarov) and learned about muscles and he human musculoskeletal system. I had the privilege to train gymnasts in Russia where I learned a lot about the wide range of exercises. Meanwhile I can look back at 20 years of experience in training flexibility of gymnasts, contortionists, pole dancers, ballet dancers etc. People from the USA, Germany, Swiss, United Kingdom, Italy and other countries visited me for improving their flexibility. I also trained artists from the Cirque du Soleil and other international artists who found their way to my studio. If it is about seriously developing your flexibility, a weekly visit to a stretch class at your gym or elsewhere is not enough, you need a specialist. Real contortion trainers are hard to find, don’t go to an amateur trainer who happens to be flexible, you will regret it. The road to real flexibility is paved with injuries caused by well intentioned ‘trainers’.

Private sessions (max. 2 persons) give the best and quickest results. A session lasts about 1,5 hours and I will be able to give attention to your personal wishes. Stretching sessions are anyway good for your health, stress and old injuries often spontaneously disappear. I also can give you a professional opinion about the possibilities of your body. Some people are hypermobile, the majority is not.




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