Contortion Amsterdam

“Training with Max has been a delight! I don’t have a background in gymnastics or dance but I’ve managed to open up more degrees of mobility that I never thought I had in places I hadn’t expected. I’m especially content with my progress in backbending mobility and frontbending.” Marina Prada – Spain

“I am enthusiastic about the work done together and it would be very convenient to have you as close to my house! Progress is guaranteed!” Elisa Giorgi – Contortionist, Aerialist – Italy

“De contortionlessen bij Max reiken verder dan massage. Mijn lichaam voelt zich herboren. De fysieke ruimte die er na elke les ontstaat is waarachtig en heilzaam op vele levels. Ben blij dat ik deze lessen ontdekt hebt….” Ik zie en ervaar flexibiliteit steeds meer als een essentiële voorwaarde voor een goede gezondheid. “Bedankt Max!” K. Kliprogge – Amsterdam

“When I started to train at Contortion Amsterdam, I came in the hope he could help me get into a split. I needed this for my aerials, but because of an injury, I felt like I couldn’t do it alone. Now, after about 1 year of training, I can do splits, like I wanted to. I also learned how to do box splits, how to do an oversplit, and how to put a foot on my head in a split. I learned how to stand straight on one leg, with the other straight, with the foot next to my face. Next to splits the trainer taught me put both legs in my neck, and I am able to do a bridge on my elbows. So my back and front bending became better. Also, my shoulders are more flexible now.
So, although I came in to learn a split, the trainer taught me much more. The stretching is quite addictive once you get through the first few months. But after this, you see the difference in flexibility, You sleep better, your body gets more toned and you feel the overall suppleness coming back in daily life. The trainer is a patient teacher and a relaxed nice man. He makes me feel welcome every training, and I feel totally comfortable around him. I think this is an important element of contortion, as you end up in the most weird positions. Trust and comfort are crucial.” Emy Wijker – Aerialist – Amsterdam

“I was looking for someone who could see my skills and give shape to the movements still in power. The memory of the lessons is one of the most beautiful of my life” Irene Betti – Contortionist – Italy

“The training was great ! My backbend is getting better and better. I will come again one day!” Natalia Macauley – Aerialist – Germany

A thank you card from Russia

‘I had an amazing experience at Contortion Amsterdam and can’t wait to visit again! I don’t consider myself to be hugely flexible but I’m always working on increasing my flexibility to enhance my dancing. I booked my session at Contortion Amsterdam and had no idea what to expect, I went with an open mind. Wow, it was brilliant. It was definitely one of the most intense, spiritual yet physical and certainly memorable experiences of my life. I got in positions I never thought possible and established a connection with my body that I’d never had before. I left feeling amazing and picked up tips through the session which have definitely benefited me when stretching at home. I am completely motivated and inspired, in fact since my trip to see Max I have been  stretching like a crazy woman and I can’t wait to visit him again! I have already and will continue to strongly recommend a visit to Contortion Amsterdam to people who are interested in developing their flexibility. I wish I lived closer!’
Emma Nicholson – Studio Boutique (pole dancer UK)

 Vandaag bij Contortion Amsterdam geweest en oa goeie splits gedaan! Yes! Nu na een paar maanden, merk ik dat ik steeds leniger word. Voor mij is het zo fijn om te merken dat in mijn paaldansen, door de lenigheid die ik nu steeds meer ontwikkel niet alleen verder kom in mijn splits en spagaat, maar ook dat mijn bewegingen meer gracieus worden. Ik krijg meer souplesse in mijn dans. Ook vandaag weer in de knoop gelegen, of zoals de trainer het noemt; De yogi slaaphouding. Nou voor mij is het niet om in te slapen, niet echt comfortabel ;), maar nooit gedacht dat ik daar in de buurt zou komen.
Fantastisch om te merken, dat als je je lichaam traint, uitdaagt, stretcht, er zoveel kan! Ben benieuwd hoe ver ik kan gaan. Dus ik blijf gaan, tot de max bij Max! Ytsje Rosier – Actrice – Paaldanseres

“As a pole dancer, flexibility is very important. I had been stretching on my own for quite some time before going to FlexiStretch and felt I wasn’t making much progress. I have been training with the trainer for some months now and am very happy with the progress! My backbend has improved a lot, as well as my splits. Even my box splits are getting better; something I’d never thought I would be able to do.” Alexandra Vader – Third runner up Benelux Championship 2012 Pole dance

“When I started poledancing 1,5 years ago, my style of dancing contained only powertricks. I had never stretched before in my life, but when I went to Contortion Amsterdam, a whole new world
opened for me. Because of Max I was able to do an amazing amount of flexibilty tricks on the pole I never thought possible. Even though I have no exceptional talent in stretching or contortion, stretching at Contortion Amsterdam and good advice for stretching techniques at home really helped me to improve my splits. Plus, I found out that stretching can be addicting!” Yvonne Smink – Dutch Poledance Champion 2012

2 jaar geleden was ik al x bij Max geweest. Toen stond ik versteld wat ik allemaal kon. Nu 1,5 jaar later inmiddels mijn eigen Paaldansschool wilde ik meer contortion training gaan doen. Zelf bleef ik hangen en kreeg niet het uiterste uit mijzelf. Nu na 5 weken ben ik over grenzen gegaan. Niet alleen in contortion maar ook emotioneel. Samen met 3 geweldige meiden. ( beste vriendinnetje en 2 super gemotiveerde leerlingen ) zijn we bergen beklommen die we niet verwacht hadden. Super dankbaar voor deze mooie ervaringen met elkaar en met Max. Max weet het uiterste uit je te halen en toch de juiste grens te behouden. Jolanda de Jong – Owner Pole Dance Xperience



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